Documentary: Those Daring Young Men (1986)

Filmed in November 1986, this documentary gives us a glimpse into the lives of CF-18 pilots (and their families) in Cold Lake, AB.

Wally appears multiple times throughout, starting around 12:25!

Graciously provided by director/producer Brent Gilbert and Global Edmonton station manager Tim Spelliscy.

One thought on “Documentary: Those Daring Young Men (1986)

  1. Hi, I was a friend to Wally in his younger days. I am quite interested in the project but haven’t donated as yet. I had a few questions and ideas.
    1. If the funds aren’t fully collected do the donations get refunded?
    2. If the total required isn’t collected do you have ideas for a smaller memorial? A real plane is wonderful but if it won’t work then what else might serve the same purpose. A statue of the plane? Parts of a plane?
    3. Are there any plans for ongoing maintenance of the plane? This could be a problem. Also what about insurance, liability and all those other nasty things?
    4. It might be possible to get a donation from the Kinsmen Club of Lucky Lake. Although the project is not in Lucky Lake I would be willing to propose it to them. I am a former member and this is a project I support.
    Please reply and keep me posted
    Ron Settler

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